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Middens are refuse heaps of castaway shells left by centuries of harvesting the island’s waters. S Portland, the flagship of Rear-Admiral Moresby, commander-in-chief of the Pacific Station from 1850 to 1853. Bald Eagles, Turkey Vultures and Red-tailed Hawks are often seen overhead, and Oystercatchers and the Great Blue Heron frequent the island’s shoreline.Classified as archaeological sites, the middens are protected under British Columbia law and may not be disturbed. Black-tailed Deer, Mink and River Otters are amongst the animals sighted on the island.Discover how your chef turns meal times into taste extravaganzas.Spring Tide Whale Watching is family owned and operated with an office perfectly located in the heart of downtown Victoria.

Proud to be the only company using environmentally friendly engines.Enjoy complimentary beverages on Marauder while listening to professional biologists provide informative narrations, or have a thrill of a lifetime with the wind in your hair on our Zodiacs.Want another terrific experience while visiting Victoria?Then SPORTFISH year round for Salmon and Halibut on Spring Tide’s 42’ Sportfisher.We are open all year, offering whale watching tours seven days a week April through October, and our Zodiac Marine Wildlife Tours November through March.

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