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Ho\' fitrre a m An may With good conftience defire and feehe Riche si 3°5 1,6 a. J, yyhat is the Uigemtnt that one is to give and hold of another! Now the contrary ,o harmony, or tbc dilbrdcr m mulicke, is none oftlic two former; but he third, namely the difeord, which is the want or abfcnce of harmony, which wc call Jiflarmtnj, In thefamemanner, the finne £ t Um , is not the ahlencc either of the fobftancc ^ of the fact 1 - tics of the foule and the body, but the want of the third thng ■ befbec namediand that is, conformity or cortcipondency to tne Will of God , in regard of obedience, but lome may fay, the want ©f conformity in the powers of tlie S oulc, isnot fume pi o- Chap. For as this want enters in, and is received into mans nrtture, it is properly a want or abfcnce of goodnelfe ; againc after it is received into the na- ture ofman, it continuesand abides iu the powersand faculties thereof; and lb it carries the name ofan habitc. ] Bookc p in the firlt conception and birth is indeed afiiiner. finne, not to be the corruption of nature alone, hut Admt lirll offence imputed, with the fruit thereof the corruption of „ ltil rc, which is an inclination unto evil), derived together with nature from our Cu rt Parents. Now follow the Differences thereof, which arc manifold, lhc firftfutarc to be gathered horn the Gillies and beginnings of (nine in man : winch arc . Volume m:„ in the next place, (mites befide the will arc fitch, as arc nct- thcr dircdly from tlte will, nor againfl it. Nottlk, want of the two former, (lor thc V both rema.ned)but the ve- ry want , andabfenqe of the third thing, l ”mely of conformity ib. I make itplaincbythis rcfemb Unce , m a - callinftnimenr, there is to be confidcrcd, notonclvtliem Um- ment it fclfc ; and the found of the mftrument, but alio the harmony in the found. perly : bccaufc in finne, there muft be not onelv an abfcnce of an habite or prcfencc of evill. wer , that this very want dfourenufonnity, isnotoitcly the abfcnce ofgood- nefle ; but alfo the lubitc or pretence of evill. Chap, a aiu Hcrvcs to draw forth content: and when content is yccl- del, he denies his religion voluntarily : for the u ill cannot he con- firained. a p 2 * ‘ ‘ Whether may he reslue himfelfe by Comb Al e? And thefe two a re not levered, but joyned and mingled together, in all the faculties and powers ofthefoulc. I ; whtthtr trnamtnti cf( 6li, ious Sttna, SUits and yehitt, &c. Tire rcafon hereof is tliis; Tltcrc are in man after regeneration, two contrary grounds or beginning s (tattionsvto'wit,natiirallcormptii,n, or the inclination of the minde, will, and a/fedlions, to that which is againll the Law, called the l iellv; and a created quality of holinellc wrought in the (aid faculties by the holy (,ho(l, tcarmed the Spirit. winch prcfcribetlia Vormc of relieving and vcftlfying The benefit which from hcucciffiieth unto (lie Church of God, is iinfpe, livable. Which, how great * ( Stifle it is , the Wife-man reported) out true experience , w |, c n fie faith,? lurcly becatdc God hath the greateft ftrokc in thcle diftrefles of mind, and brings men tlirough all the temptations, that lie hath apoint- ed. j'fi St tali lc lii (1 Jiftrcflcariletli of a divine Temptation, [*21 Eg is a con mate with (did himfelfe immediately. I, and withall the partic di- ll, j | (ecl:s iomc c vid ent tokens of G ods wrath. w " r ’" l)iftinguiflie h OTf 1)0 N, Printed by John Legal t and are to be fold at the hgn of the Crowuc in f Wr Church-yard* • jfclt F « * TO THE RIGHT HONG- RABLE, EDWARD, LORD Dcnnic Bavoti of Waltham, See. re- tf® veiled in the Wordof difpcnfcdty tho Prophets and Apoftks, of greater nlc and conic- cnience in the life of Man', then u tint . ra Tor fit ft, it fci'vcth todifeoverthe One of tho t Ungeroiuelt Sore that can lie, tl le Wound of the Spirit. l ot men will often bewray their ftiffenefle in temptation, and ufualhr it islotw before comfort can be received; and why? Of the firftlpeciail Diftreffe arifmg bf a di Yine temptation. this diftrelfe is when the conlcicncc ipeakes fbmc I Book Jfjr S this diftrelfe is when the conlcicncc f peakes fume fearcfiill things of Go.

whether a mu* may With good conftience nft Policy in the ° Whether a m An may defend himfclfe b) La* ? 1 his Paul tonlcf- fed and acknowledged, upon bis ownc experience, alter his con- vetfiun Chap.

* • *3° Whether an Oath‘s xtorted by fraud bindeth ? And our faviour Ghrilt faith , He that receivtth a ?

1 1 9 Whether aman is bound to keepe that Oath, upon taking Where- of there enfucth damage? Love here is not a caufc, but onely a figne of God love to us.

tyhethhkit be in the liberty of the Church of God upon earth, to Alter the Sabboth from thefeventh day to Any other t a 5:7 101 a. Tlie third, when a man finneth, not onely willfully and con- tcmptuoufly, but of malice and fpigbt againll od himfelfc, and Chrift lefits. 2 that ofict putpofe and refolvcd malice, againft the very Majefly of God iiiinielfe and thrift, tftb. I fay, inrefpeft of the Law, becaufe God kith revealed in Iris haw two fort? ond thus they doe filing that arc receivers of thcovea. 7 lus iwiniliation Hands in Sorrow ^rfinne, with con- fefiion of the fame unto God, amlineameftpraler forthepar- i' r»rrwith an hacticdefirc of amendment ofhfc. S i Sfid Mhc pat tic lac bled, then the fi rft and prtn- St Ss be, to worke in him - SS This may be done in a friendly «id CUun taike and c nkre.

Agninlt iltclc David pi aycth faying, M net prefimptss fits finnes have do- minion over me. _ The firll is: when a man willfully gocth on in his finnes, up- on an cironbiis pcrfvvalion of Gods mercy, and of hisowtie fu- ture repentance ; this is the finneof inofl men- _ 1 he fecond is, wlicna man linneth wilfully , m contempt or die law of God : this is called by Mofes, a liime vvitl M high hand Numb i r jo and the punifh ment tltcrcof \vas,by prefent death to be cut oft from among the people. In refpeft of the I.aw, finite is twofold : either of Coinmiflion or oft iinil Tion. r - abl tt,u the be humbled for his f Ucs or not : for men SSSS yet not touched ttflfir their 2t.

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