Hoops dating real

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If a guy would only date me when I had red hair, or if I was under a size 6, he’ll most likely bail if I got heavier or suddenly got wrinkles. Despite all the plastic surgery I’ve had, I’m not looking to be someone’s Barbie doll.I’m looking to be someone’s “till death do we part.”Changing would make me hate myself.Russell rocked a very serious facial expression as he concentrated on trying to sink the shot while Tennyson was like a miniature version of his dad as he seamlessly pulled off a similar move.

If you graduate college, people will suggest becoming a doctor. Let’s be honest — most guys on dating apps aren’t serious.I don’t want them to be into someone I have to pretend to be.I’m not feminine, so I wouldn’t want to have to pretend I am just to please a guy.Hearing those smug jerks tell me this stuff makes me not want to change, specifically because I want to prove them wrong.There’s always going to be another hoop to jump through.

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