Housemate speed dating london

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On April Fools’, as I came through the front door, he jumped out at me in a clown suit.

I was horrified, ran outside and called the police, not knowing it was my housemate.

It was broadcast on Channel 5 for the first time since the show's transfer from Channel 4.

It launched on 9 September 2011 with an hour and a half-long special launch show, the day after the final of Celebrity Big Brother 8.

In a panic, I contacted a mutual friend who listened calmly and then dryly responded: ‘You do know it’s Aprils Fools’ Day?

’ We got off the phone so she could call our ‘soon-to-be deported’ friend and, a few minutes later, called me back to let me know that both of them were cracking up over the fact I’d fallen for the joke. A long time ago on April Fools’ day, my cousin tricked me into grabbing something from a cupboard.

I had to make a strong apology to the officer, once I’d realised it was a joke.

At my old job, I spread Nutella on the loo roll and left it on the floor in the girls’ toilets.

The accident resulted in a twisted ankle, some hurt feelings and a story that gets bought up at every family event. But I had a friend who put clingfilm along the bottom of the bathroom door once, to fool his housemate.

The poor guy got up in the middle of the night to visit the loo, didn’t see the plastic, and upon exit, ended up banging his head on the bannister pretty badly.

There were some laughs, but I don’t think they’ll try that again anytime soon.

If I did a prank myself, I think it’d be one where I trick my boyfriend into thinking I’m pregnant.

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