How to celebrate dating for one year

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I like to celebrate if the dating goes a year or more.

For us, we celebrate the anniversary of when we became an official couple, which we both consider to be the day we said iloveyou.

Now we celebrate our wedding anniversary and love it when it comes around, because it’s important to us.

i remember the first conversation i had with a beautiful woman who later turned out to be my wife.

My second boyfriend I remember it was the 14th…but I honestly cannot remember why. In a few we celebrated when we first met or kissed or something along those lines. boyfriends and girlfriends seem to come and go without much thought or memory so I think it might be best to reserve ‘anniversaries’ for more meaningful relationships.

The first time you considered yourself in a relationship? But if you’re going to commemorate it when you’re still just dating, which day(s) do you remember? My first boyfriend it was just this random day that we hung out after we had already kissed several times, but it just felt official. Again, it took us a while to It varies by relationship.

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