How to delete local file without updating onedrive

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Here’s how to run Troubleshooter and try fixing the error ’36’ on One Drive for Windows 10: If you’re accessing and using One Drive through the browser instead of One Drive desktop client and One Drive UWP app, we recommend cleaning cache.

Users which run into this error were unable to delete certain folders and the issue can be invoked by the pre-stored data on your browser.

Besides the unlinking and updating, respectively, you can also try and reinstall One Drive for Windows 10.

As we already mentioned before, there are two applications you can use on Windows 10 and regarding One Drive.

Desktop client One Drive for Windows 10 Finally, this workaround isn’t exactly in the ‘solutions’ category.

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If you’re not sure how to unlink your account and link it again, follow these instructions: Now, we all approve the addition of unified troubleshooter to Windows 10, but it, seemingly, isn’t too much of a help.

The data migration from one to another account can be performed in various ways, but we recommend a creation of a new account and transferring all the files to a different physical location. If you’re a premium user of One Drive for Bussines, we recommend addressing the problem to Microsoft support.

In case any alternative solution comes to your mind or you have any questions, make sure to tell us in the comments section below.

Since there are multiple ways to access One Drive on your PC, we’ll need to cover them all.

In case you’re using a One Drive app for Windows 10, we recommend updating as the first steps towards the resolution.

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