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Given past history, any claims of Russia being involved in chemical or biological warfare by the United States should be subject to great scepticism.

Additionally, the endemic psychological disease among the Borg of projection provides further evidence that the claims of biological warfare by the Koreans and Chinese were true.

As Noam Chomsky reiterates in relation to the current campaign for another war on Korea: [V]ery strikingly [..] there’s one lesson that you discover when you carefully look at the historical record. Posted by b on April 27, 2017 at AM | Permalink I have been to Europe quite a few times over the years.

But what it would not do is hit America and the only way it could ever come to America is with a missile.” Considering the historical record of the United States of committing and covering up warcrimes as well as its general belligerence, North Korea and other nations are probably well advised to stick to their nuclear and missile programs.

US troops were on guard duty side by side with armed 'surrendered' former IJA troops on behalf of KMT, post WWII !

During the Chinese Civil War, we trained & equipped 50 KMT divisions (~500,000 troops) fighting the Evil Chicoms and provided primarily military aid of ~.5Billion USD (In 1940's dollars! The Flying Tigers were used to attack the Chicoms & support the KMT after WWII during the Chinese Civil War as they morphed into the then precursor to the CIAs subsequent ' Air America', throughout Indochina and elsewhere (Latin America, etc).

But as WWII wound down that support switched to enabling Chiang Kai-Shek as our intended Sino version of Cubas ruthless dictator, Batista, to govern over China as a to be Uber-exploited version of then Cuba, thru direct involvement in the Chinese Civil War to destroy the Evil Chicoms.

Mal tried to persuade a skeptical public that his cherry-picked list of generic homilies & platitudes formed the core of a uniquely Australian set of Values.

Everyone held their nose waiting for Mal to explain which of his "values" obliges Australia to play the role of a shriveled little nonentity dangling from the arseholes of Ameri KKKa's assholes? media and the public have a general amnesia whenever it comes to U. war crimes - no matter how recent." that is really true from my observations..

It is used to conceal formal coercive interrogation techniques & training, contrary to International & Domestic Law as well as the Geneva Conventions, even the UCMJ. The coercive training concealed within SERE training cover programmes is classified and compartmented at the highest levels.

What was let loose at Guantanamo, into to the wider military, was directed by Rumsfeld & Cheney, and enabled by that soulless rat bastard, Petraeus in Iraq. In the 50's, the USA had gone stinking rich after its Lend-Lease WW2 years. Of course, it needed enemies to get that weapon money rolling, hence Korea, Cambodia, Vietnam, you name it as long as the USA could drop expensive US taxpayer-sponsored bombs on it, but even when one is dehumanized enough to wage wars just for profit, there are limits to how dirty one can be.

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