Intimidating names for teams

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It’s also got that non-pluralized thing going for it.Consider this: when a Seattle goal is scored, a huge, rumbling sound could reverberate throughout the arena. I know what you’re thinking: the moniker should be a non-starter because of what happened to the Sonics.For the most part, however, the names just made sense. The NHL’s ‘Original Six’ consisted of the New York Rangers, Montreal Canadiens, Toronto Maple Leafs, Boston Bruins, Chicago Blackhawks and Detroit Red Wings.One might debate the intimidation factor of a Maple Leaf, but as a nickname, it was unambiguous.

Certainly, there were the occasional ones explained only by the bygone anachronisms of yesteryear such as the Brooklyn Trolley Dodgers and the Philadelphia Sphas (“Spha” stood for South Philadelphia Hebrew Association, with its players primarily Jewish).

(If this is weirdly your thing, also check out our similar rankings of all 30 NBA teams.)Not only is an "astro" not a thing, it's not even an imaginary thing.

It's a goddamn prefix indicating relation to stars, appropriate because Houston is home to NASA's Lyndon B. Everything on this list, including the three teams that are named after socks, can beat up a prefix.

With Bigfoot a part of the Northwest’s lore and Squatch a previous crowd-pleaser at Sonics games, having him back (and on skates, no less) would be both topical and nostalgic. The Seattle Thunderbirds were once called the Breakers, so there’s history there as well. Pop quiz, hot shot: name one of the professional American teams that played the Soviet Red Army team?

It might even be another version of a middle finger to Oklahoma City. It’s one of the only names that references the area’s watery geography. That’s right, the Totems actually played them twice, losing 9-4 in 1972 but winning 8-4 two years later.

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