Invalidating childhood environments and core beliefs

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It also investigated the relationship between childhood experiences, levels of distress tolerance and eating pathology.

Seventy-three eating-disordered women and 62 non-eating-disordered women completed a newly developed measure of invalidating environments (ICES), the Eating Disorders Inventory, and a Distress Tolerance Scale.

Such invalidation is potentially important because it appears to be associated with the difficulties in tolerating distress that are often seen in adults with eating disorders.

This study aims to develop a measure of childhood invalidating environments (Invalidating Childhood Environments Scale; ICES).

The role of childhood abuse is well recognised within the eating disorders.

However, the impact of parental invalidation of the child's emotional needs has not been investigated.

Within the clinical sample, the data were compatible with a model where difficulties in tolerating distress partially mediate the relationship between perceived invalidation by the father and eating pathology.

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