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Thanks to that, two dramas received many compliments and had high ratings. What kind of a proposal is this.” At such a Nayun, Muwon smiled and said “I did not propose” but also answered that “As for the marriage, I can’t do it right away” and so accepted that he had indeed proposed.

‘Secret Garden sickness’ and ‘Boss sickness’ also become buzzwords.” “We will continue to make good dramas that can receive much love from the viewers like this in the future.” Source: Sports World via Nate Translation credit: The_Little_Pear of JYJ3 , Cha Muwon, while sharing a meal with Seo Nayun, proposed to her: “Be with me.” On this episode, Muwon visited Nayun’s home and showed off a superb skill in cooking. At this, Nayun showed herself to be buoyed up: “I know, that you are busy.

En el documento se explica cómo la mente percibe la belleza mediante la descripción del husillo del cerebro que reconoce las relaciones entre los rasgos faciales.

De este modo, la belleza se puede determinar en el corto espacio de 0,1 segundos.

There are also many famous lines in ‘Protect the Boss’.

Jihun fell in love with Eunseol and confessed, “There is a stone of universe stuck in the limbic system of my brain.” “Let’s give our dating a temporary holiday,” “Let’s close down our love,” those lines could also be heard.

Los dos lados de la cara deben ser perfectamente simétricos y la proporción áurea entre los ojos a la nariz a la boca es de 1.618: 1.

, it was shown for a short time but I think they felt that it was provocative. Kim Jaejoong, with whom I acted, made me feel comfortable. Kim Jaejoong also sent me a lot of support through memos in Cyworld and online replies, and so I gathered strength from them and I felt grateful.” (rough and arrogant city man).Kim Jaejoong and Wang Jihye also shared ‘in-car kiss’ then ‘milk kiss’ and ‘storm kiss’.SBS drama production crew said, “Secret Garden and Protect the Boss have gained much popularity, it happened that there were many similarities.In the case of ‘Protect the Boss’, the enthusiastic performance of Jisung, Choi Kanghee, Kim Jaejoong and Wang Jihye led to much attention.Jisung and Choi Kanghee once again proved their leader position in rom-com; Kim Jaejoong has successfully soft-landed in his first drama challenge.

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