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Finally, if you’ve ever wondered WHY a hero (or heroine) would voluntarily enter Dr. VICTORY, SYNN, SHE-CAT and STARDUST intended to stop the sale of sensitive defense technology dovetails into a strange encounter between Ms. Speaking of RAD, she’s still undercover and on the run, as the secret organization she is SUPPOSED to be investigating makes multiple attempts on her life.JONATHAN WEIR’S Vault of Heroes and spend decades in suspended animation, read “Masquerade’s End” for one example. Will the one-time FF member BLONDE BOMBER get involved in the situation, and if she does, will it be to try to SAVE RAD, or to KILL her?A classic heroine of comics and film returns to AC Comics pages as NYOKA THE JUNGLE GIRL returns in a special guest-story, “The Golden Mace”, written by long-time industry veteran Lou Mougin, with art by Francesco Savi.See NYOKA’S underwater battle with Golden Age villainess TAHITI BELLE!!Then, STARDUST faces a final, climactic battle with TRAXIS in “The Void Armada”, also written by Andrew Hawnt, with art by Jacob Bear.Only an epic battle across time and space could bring this ongoing conflict to a conclusion, and this is it!!

Then, a special short FF bonus feature, a vampire tale titled “Stake Out”, originally seen in a long out-of-print AC Deep Dimesion horror book.Awesome ink finishes on this gripping saga provided by Jeff Austin.Then, the surprise hit of FF #181, the classic action heroine from yesteryear, NYOKA The JUNGLE GIRL is back in a previously-unpublished cliffhanger (guest-starring onetime FF member The BLOND BOMBER )originally written and drawn years ago, “Sting Of The Hooded Serpent”; script by Bill Black, pencils by Larry Nadolsky, and inks by Jeff Austin.Written by Bill Black, with pencils by Bill and Chris(Ant-Man) Allen and inks by Mark Heike.Finally, STARSDUST fights solo in “A Matter Of Matter”, written by Andrew Hawnt, with pencils by exciting newcomer Florentino Cuevas II and inks by Francesco Savi.

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