Jessicas guide to dating on the dark side online

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I’d be furious at myself and Megan for pushing so hard. Sometimes, the name she calls me starts with the same letter or sounds somewhat similar to my actual name (such as Emily or Annie) but sometimes it is wildly different (Rachel or Christine).I didn’t stop job hunting or turn anything down, since I knew this wasn’t a guaranteed interview. Each time she does this, I say something along the lines of “oh, it’s actually MY NAME,” but it continues.It’s possible that the hiring manager got mixed up, and the reference was from someone else.But assuming that’s not the case, it’s possible that your manager was acting in good faith here …Since you have the kind of relationship with your boss where she knows you’re job-searching and she’s bragging about how she’s helping you, I do think you could say to her, “I feel awkward about raising this, but the hiring manager for that job said that your reference gave her pause — she felt like you didn’t have full confidence in my work.I want to make sure I’m meeting your expectations and you feel you can give me a great reference in the future.She said “Okay, I can submit your resume to my company, but you have to PROMISE me you won’t accept any other offers.” I was very put off by this, but the position sounded great, so I told her sure. Turns out, the company thought I was too junior and didn’t want to interview me anyway. Good candidates aren’t going to agree to work with a recruiter who makes those demands, so Megan is harming not only candidates (for the reasons you mentioned) but the employers she’s working for as well (since they’re going to lose out on strong candidates who will find Megan’s demands ridiculous). My boss doesn’t know my name I’m writing in with a bit of an odd conundrum; I don’t think my boss knows my name. I have a main supervisor and then a boss who is above my supervisor.

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She even told one of my peers that the workload may shift because I was about to get a fabulous new job.Despite all of this, I did not get the job at Company A because of the reference my current supervisor gave.According to the hiring manager, my supervisor did not have full confidence in my work product.My coworkers have definitely noticed it, and seeing what name she’ll call me next has become a bit of a running joke.I don’t necessarily find it offensive, but it is annoying.

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