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I left most of the shell on there, there is metal fragments that are the shell.Inside the shell is a metal slightly oxidized ball.The lines that lead to the seration are just over 1/4 inch. Bottom has 3 lightning bolt symbols carved into it. I am from the Easternmost, Island of Catanduanes located in the Philippines. I'll send pictures of it once i got a response from you. I found a small coral fossil in a creek close to my home (in Iowa). I know all about the 29th Infantry Division but I can't find any information online about this item specifically.The enamel is somewhat triangular, the back part is smooth and curved down to a 90 degree tip. The enamel starts at 1/16 inch thick and increases to 1/8 inch at the beginning of the root. Front has a small panel of carved out birds on a branch, frog, maybe tree symbols cant tell and there are 4 rows. She found a rock that turned out to be a piece of petrified wood. It seems to have been able to attach to something, as it has three small holes on the outer rim for fastening.I found what appears to be in the shape of an arrow head or Texas. I hope someone will check into this they are so evident of being a tool artifact that one look you will understand how important it is to check it out. There are "bands" carved around the bead, and very tiny v marks inside these channels.

I feel they are amazing and since i did find them myself i know they are authentic and support ideas i thought were unrealistic . I found an interesting looking rock the has been carved to resemble a face. It’s quite interesting and is part of my collection from Glendale, Arizona. Thank you I found a rectangular shaped piece of sandstone with a carving on it, I'm not sure what type of carving it is?The woman in town at the visitor center said she had found dinosaur tracks there on her hike.I went looking and please let me know if this is indeed a mark by dinosaurs and if so maybe what kind.Thank You I have found what I belive to be a net sinker/weight or fishing sinker/weight. They are not just rocks they are tools with markings of use.In an area of crooked creek in Boone county Arkansas where I have found other multiple spear points and drills in the creek I would love to send some pictures to get an opinion as I have personally never seen one. I will gladly send pictures and any information that I can about location of site to anyone interested in looking at what I have discovered and can give me some insight on this.

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