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ORIGINAL REVIEW 7/8/09 Let me put my bias out in the open and upfront: If a blend is going to contain latakia, it must either contain enough to drive the blend OR the other tobaccos must be flavorful enough to pick up the slack. It also causes me to produce more saliva as a reaction to the flavor. Sure, the g/f always mentions how great they smell, but when I'm smoking them I can't smell a thing. I bought an ounce of EMP to try to "venture" out in the "English" blend world, and I have to say, it was a good thing I was sitting down when I had my first light of this magic.Otherwise, what you have is a bland, dull tobacco blend. I realize this is supposed to be light and mild, as a "first smoke of the day" but this blend would put me back to sleep. A lot of people like this and if you enjoy light, mild balkan blends, you should definitely give this a spin. I'm packaging up what's left of my tin and shipping it off to a friend who enjoys it. Initial flavor: First taste is slightly harsh, not as gentle as I expected. Not because it's strong, but I was so surprised at how great it tasted. The smoke was tasty, and a more complex than anything else I've smoked in the past.It's strong enough to get you going early in the day without you wanting to nap first!It can be an occasional through the day smoke, but not really an all day one, though I have been known to have done that.I looked up the date that it was first introduced to the market, and near as I can tell it was first introducted in 1912. I think that it's been so popular for so long because of its simplicity. There may or may not be some Latakia in there, but if it is it is only in trace amounts.Ever wonder how a blend remains a top seller for over 100 years? The color is a pleasing blend of brown and tan tobaccos, and the tin note has a nice Oriental sweetness to it.I find little going on here, other than a possible palate cleansing to separate two bowls of zestier tobacco blends. Ok, another bias - I'm no huge fan of Dunhill tobaccos as a rule. Appearance: Typical Dunhill broad ribbon cut, about 70% medium and light leaf, 30% dark. The taste and smell of the latakia, and the orientals really played their parts well.If they came back only with Elizabethan and 965, I would not miss the others at all. Aroma: The Virginias seem to be on the sharrp side, rather than sweet and mellow. I sat there for a good hour enjoying the hell out of my first "real" bowl of tobacco.

Great as the "first pipe" arousing the palate for the further pleasures of the day.

This blend is no exception, and it is Dunhill's answer for the discriminating pipe smoker who wants a blend that he or she can just kick back and enjoy in those rare moments when life, family, and career are not imposing their demands upon us... A week before, I had killed 10 Charlie in one night. And now I had leave, who could ask for anything more? I dressed, and left the room, but not before leaving her my picture so that the kid would one day know who his or her father was.

those early mornings when it is just us, our cup of coffee, the morning paper, and peace and quiet. I stopped in at a bar in the East Side of Saigon called Do Phing Pan Ngo, where all the action was. Different guys trying to sweep some exotic doll off of her feet and into the bed. I walked to the bar and ordered myself a tall one, ready to relax and find a target. She walked in lookin like something out of a dream. Just before I did, some officer cut in front of me. And with that I left, returning to base and eventually leaving ' Nam, never to return.

It's a little sweeter than some of the other Dunhill English blends, which I find nice for a change from the heavier mixtures.

The Cyprian latakia is smoky with wood and sweet notes, but is a little subdued.

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