Kim jong il dating dating inacurate

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Because they don't know what the new leader (Kim Jong Un) might do. There was always tension between the two countries.North Korea sort of recently bombed a South Korean island injuring many civilians and killing a few soldiers. His mistresses were: Song Hye-Rim (1968-2002) Ko Young-Hee (1977-2004) and Kim Ok (2004-till his death in december 2011) His wife was Kim Young-Sook (1974-2011)Kim Jong-Il hd 4 children with his three mistresses and his wife.There were many problems with his goal, but the people of the country respect him because they were taught that he united(protected) the country from the "evil" American rule.The only good thing that he did was probably uniting North Korea.

They were dating since 2004 till his death in 2011.Hyon Song-wol, the former Korean pop singer famous for pro-government tunes like "Excellent Horse-like Lady" and "I Love Pyongyang," could be romantically tied to the country's dictator, Kim Jong-un.While reports from the region are scarce, the two could be romantically involved or even married.After returning from Switzerland, the two met, but his father ordered him to stop seeing her.As he was being groomed for the eventual position of dictator, the orders were followed. She went on to make various pro-regime hits like "Excellent Horse-like Lady," which includes the lyric "All my life I will live to uphold [Kim Jong-il's] name!

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