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Like my dad listening to Focus on the Family’s series with H. London, Jr., I really liked it at Focus headquarters because, apart from the building looking like a suburban fortress paradise (I love suburbs), the people there actually understood what being a P. was (I was so whitewashed that I didn’t know that P. is also the short form for , but my curiosity was piqued when shortly afterward, we went to a wedding in Vancouver where all the God-centered, Christ-exalting, Bible-something, mission-minded, and [all the other stuff John Piper says] Chinese Canadian evangelicals testified to the wonderful marriage that was taking place.

Crabb’s thesis was that when Eve was eating the fruit, Adam stood there and was silent, and ever since that time, men have been silent. They would be not dissuaded by the WTF looks on the girls’ parents’ face because most of said parents had grown up in a relatively modern and westernized city called Hong Kong and had gone to school in North America and had dated freely and had only ever gotten the parents involved when there was a proposal for (such is the extent of my self-flattery); during an open mic Sunday in December 2004, I approached the microphone with fear and trembling and read out in an unwavering tone my commitment to be a man of God, silent no more, pure and holy, justified by faith the natural fit for the community I was in; what it also means is that it was just one text among many that we read, and very few could be bothered with reading it closely (I am proud to say that mine is throughly annotated).There, I was inundated with everything I had missed in our isolated youth group: Michael W.Smith’s worship albums (), Dennis Jernigan’s gay conversion sob story (it was at a Keith Green concert that he got his all in all), the Family Research Council’s attempt to get a constitutional amendment passed banning same-sex marriage.Unlike the average evangelical youth group, my fellowship at the little Cantonese church plant in Fremont that my dad started when I was in high school (at the Catholic school) was (so we thought) isolated from the fads of evangelicalism (we sang hymns; the most contemporary were Maranatha), and our knowledge of ‘purity culture’ was restricted to the highly qualified Ph D-in-psychology Dr James Dobson and his minions at Focus on the Family.The first time I heard someone mentioning with some seriousness was at a Chinese wedding banquet: some uncle, who (now looking back) was obviously drunk, came over to our table, where we were seated with a bunch of pastors, and asked me in Cantonese, Eventually, our church plant fell apart, and my dad took us to a pastor’s getaway at Focus on the Family, which I know sounds like we went to Mordor, but it was actually a lot more like an adventure in Odyssey.

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