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He also starred in the film Tokyo Tower as a womanizer with a preference for older women with senpai Junichi Okada in the same year.In 2005, Matsumoto took the most prominent role of his career to date when he was cast as Tsukasa Domyōji in the live-action adaptation of shōjo manga Hana Yori Dango.He later returned with most of the original cast to star in the special epilogue episode in 2003.Arashi starred in their first film together in 2002 entitled Pika*nchi Life Is Hard Dakedo Happy and came together again for its sequel, Pika**nchi Life Is Hard Dakara Happy, in 2004.Arashi's debut single, "A・RA・SHI", was a massive success upon its release reaching number 1 on the charts and selling over 970,000 copies at the end of its chart-run setting a new record for the highest first-week sales.

He is best known for being the youngest member of the popular boy band Arashi.

The group's debut was announced with much fanfare aboard a cruise ship off the coast of Honolulu, Hawai'i on September 15, 1999.

The group's name, chosen by the agency, means "storm" and is meant to represent the group's ambition of "creating a storm throughout the world" through their music.

Arashi's record would only be broken almost 7 years later by fellow JE boy band KAT-TUN's debut single, "Real Face", in March 2006.

All of Arashi's singles, album and DVD releases have been successful chart performers.

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