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I own a Mac and I don’t know how to open them, apart for using the standard txt editor and searching around.I can totally understand the desire here but this simply isn’t data that’s consumable via your average person.So STOP wasting your time browsing and surfing all over the web, when you can get all the information about the best sex tubes right now - BOOKMARK my page and come back whenever you need a tip on the most amazing and entertaining porn content available online.I found myself in somewhat of a unique position last week: I’d made the Ashley Madison data searchable for verified subscribers of Have I been pwned?

Many people wanted to inspect the data for themselves, but with no knowledge of Tor or how torrents work (let alone the ability to then decipher the contents of My SQL scripts), most were left struggling: I have downloaded the dumps, but I am not very handy so I’m not finding anything relevant at the moment.

There’s a good piece on it in an article that emerged after news of the attack first broke last month (paradoxically, stating that DMCA is the reason the full data hadn’t been leaked), do read Parker Higgins’ comment about the “fraudulent” use of the act in terms of its’ use for removing data breaches.

Regardless, a US law will in no way stop the mass distribution of this data, particularly via a decentralised mechanism like torrents.

Following from the previous point, in desperation to find information, some people were resorting to downloading what they We always see this pattern: a serious international event happens (i.e.

the recent Malaysia Airlines crashes) and immediately after we see nefarious individuals attempting to monetise either the pain of victims or the curiosity of onlookers.

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