Mysql replication invalidating query cache entries table

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If one query has a new line or an extra space that another one doesn’t have, they will not be treated as the same query.If one query contains a comment that the other doesn’t have, they will not be identical.There are 11 different possible values for the We’ll be mainly examining the first three values, but many caching details that apply to stored procedures also apply to replication filter procedures and triggers.If the caching metadata indicates a value of Adhoc, the plan is considered to be an adhoc plan. This section documents all changes and bugfixes that have been applied since the last My SQL Enterprise Server release (5.0.50).We are looking for community feedback on the use-cases for the Query Cache in My SQL.Below is the list of changes that have just been committed into a local 5.0 repository of cmiller.

If you run the code below, you will see that none of the queries can reuse the same plan.set_sql_sql_\ sql_sql_sql_\ sql_sql_sql_\ return error ? HA_ADMIN_CORRUPT : HA_ADMIN_OK; } @@ -679,22 679,22 @@ int ha_myisam::repair(THD *thd, MI_CHECK char buf[40]; /* TODO: respect myisam_repair_threads variable */ my_snprintf(buf, 40, "Repair with %d threads", my_count_bits(key_map)); locked_tables) mi_lock_database(file, F_UNLCK); DBUG_RETURN(error ?HA_ADMIN_FAILED : @@ -986,7 986,7 @@ int ha_myisam::enable_indexes(uint mode) THD *thd=current_thd; MI_CHECK param; const char *save_proc_info=thd-initialize_tables(this)) { DBUG_PRINT("error",("Error: initialize_tables() failed")); @@ -1101,9 1102,10 @@ JOIN::optimize() join_tab[const_tables]!In this section, the only value we’ll be looking at is Compiled Plan.Notice that we filter usecount query to limit the results to rows with this value.

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