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These are often the best ways to get to know a person.

Sitting in a theater or dining at a fancy restaurant don’t always provide opportunities for meaningful conversation.

Hiking at a park, biking on local bike trails, going to game night or trivia night at the bar, visiting an art gallery or street fair, or cooking a meal at home together are all ways to get to know your date (and to get acquainted with your city) while costing very little money.

Things like having a job in one’s field, being able to afford quality housing, and having at least some friends are keys to being happy.Your marital status can affect, among many things, where you choose to live and how you spend your money.For additional insight on such topics, we turned to a panel of experts for their thoughts on the following key questions: What should singles be looking for when choosing where to live?This will affect a couple’s ability to secure a home loan, so it’s absolutely fair game for conversation.State laws also differ regarding how one partner’s debt affects the other’s, so couples with debt should know whether their state observes common law or community property laws.

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