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The same charges were dropped against Nwogu, also of Greenwich, who pleaded guilty to one count of laundering £3,490 between April 29 and May 6, 2015.

Judge Nicholas Heathcote Williams QC said: 'Judging by what the victims say there were detrimental effects, both psychologically and financially.'They were expecting to get their money back, they thought they were loaning the money.' Victims were given different set bank account details to pay larger sums and told they belonged to her mother or landlord.

They splashed out on a stunning mansion and, included in their first purchases were a checked sports jacket, a computer and a tractor.

Adrain Bayford and his ex-wife Gillian won £148million on the Euro Millions in 2012.

Another man took out an equity release on his house to pay her money.

One victim was told to go to a London airport to meet 'Amanda Jenson' who was on an inbound flight.

Grace Akintaro, 24, pretended to be 'Amanda Jenson' and even spoke to at least two of her victims on the phone, persuading them to send her money for travel and expenses ahead of romantic rendezvous.The money made it too easy to keep an eye on what boyfriends were doing.” It comes months after she was fighting for her life after her Brazilian bum lift operation went wrong.Since winning big with her first ever lotto card, Jane has spent thousands of her winnings on a boob job, a full set of dental veneers, liposuction, botox, lip enhancements and cosmetic filler.The Gazetteer provides information on the location and spelling of more than 370,000 geographical names across Australia and its external Territories as at January 2012.The supply of data is coordinated by the Intergovernmental Committee on Surveying and Mapping and is derived from State, Territory and Commonwealth Government agencies.

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