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Byblos was designated a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1984.

Present-day Jbail is adjacent to the archaeological site, extending from there to the waterfront area. In addition to the ruins, other notable attractions are the Church of St.

Originally, spaghetti was called “maccheroni.” Feeling sleepy? The average person in Italy eats more than 51 pounds of pasta a year.

Byblos, modern Jbail, also spelled Jubayl, or Jebeil, biblical Gebal, ancient seaport, the site of which is located on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, about 20 miles (30 km) north of the modern city of Beirut, Lebanon.

During Egypt’s 12th dynasty (1938–1756 , Byblos became the foremost city of Phoenicia." Italian cuisine is famous for its simplicity: fresh ingredients and traditional recipes define the food culture of Italy. This citrus fruit contains more sugar than strawberries. This sweet, sticky fluid is the only edible food that can never go bad.Dark chocolate contains antioxidants that can help the cardiovascular system by reducing blood pressure.In Italy, salad is served after meals to cleanse the palate rather than decrease appetite before the main course.February 13th is national “Eat Italian Food Day.” Strawberries are the only fruit with seeds on the exterior.

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