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He is the fifth and last son of Jay Young, a retired minor-league baseball player, and Kay Whitney, a cosmetologist and member of the Mormon Church (although Young himself is not a member of the Mormon religion, but rather a non-denominational Christian).

"It was incredible that it brought families together," she says.She came on the program and stole America's heart."As for the finale, the producer will be encompassing all 15 years of the show's mark on America and the industry, bringing back familiar faces while also crowning the final winner.The young woman, Paula Goodspeed, was found dead in her car outside the celebrity judge’s house last night.“This year, you would have thought there would have been a lot more theatrical, a lot more Adam Lambert or Kris Allen types that would have showed up for the auditions, but that’s not what happened at all this time,” he explained.“Usually, whoever wins or comes in 1 and 2, that next season of auditions, you have a lot of those kind of people…

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