Polyamory friendly dating sites

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The great news is that opening a relationship means designing it the way you and your partner(s) want.You might not get everything your heart desires, but boundaries and self-discipline can feel surprisingly good, sometimes even better than getting everything you thought you wanted.What really happens in a poly relationship is that each individual knows their own desires and boundaries.Each couple, throuple, or group discusses where those desires and boundaries overlap and which ones require compromise.

Within poly communities, we have a term for your partner’s partner: your metamour. You might really get along with your metamour: After all, you both love (and/or love to sleep with) the same person.The truth is, many men are bi-curious, and being in an open relationship can be the perfect way to explore sex with people of different gender identities.Personally, I’ve always felt that being non-monogamous is as innate a part of me as being queer. I have some friends who were dirty cheaters before they found ethical poly, and some people who have been poly since they were teenagers.Open relationships work for people of all classes, ages, races, orientations, religions, and more.Sadly, I have seen this double standard in action, especially in the straight swinging scene (in which couples “swap” partners): Women are encouraged to explore sex with women (while their male partners watch), but men are not encouraged to indulge the same curiosity.

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