Proof carbon dating false

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The geologic history of the strata making up the Grand Canyon is as much a history of erosion as it is of deposition!Consequently, a patch of soil cannot be older than the last local erosion--whenever that might have been. Those "scientific" creationists who trot this plum about must be delirious!

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The case is out of the ordinary, so the most professional FSB agents were involved.

During the investigation it became known that the perpetrators were allegedly five, three of them women.

The sediment added to our patch of land may be great for building new soil, but if it accumulates too quickly it will merely bury the existing soil. In any case, the old topsoil, now compressed and deeply buried by sediment and soil, is no longer turned over by earthworms or small animals.

It is deprived of oxygen and fresh organic material, such as rotting leaves.

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