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We aren’t addressing those girls with those real issues which are liable of making someone upset.Moody/bitchy on the other hand, is much more subtle, subdued and distinct from angry and upset.However, if she’s horny, her moodiness and meanness cannot be masked…at least not easily.Prime example, the same coworker who had dropped the HORNY-bitchy revelation on me.Chatting her up for 20 minutes without getting sexual: leaves her no choice but to do or say something mean in order to end the show in hopes that another dude comes along who gets it [seduction guru, Tyler Durden, explains this in The Secret Society of sex]!Being mean in a social setting is a girl’s way of keeping the Beta-Males at bay [the guys who don’t get it, who aren’t aware of the secret-society code]. closed body language], is her way of pre-rejecting the guys who are not DTF, and would’ve been content with blabbling her ears off for 3 hours without sexually rewarding her after listening to you… Also: “Make the hoe say no” [pardon the vulgarity :)]!Tweet The revelation I’m about to drop should be common knowledge among sexually-active women.For men however, this will come as a sick dose of twisted reality mixed with a touch of irony sprinkled with some dashes of “WTF” on the side for good measures!

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Basically, a chick is able keep her bitchiness in check as long as it stems from her menstrual cycle.

She was so fucking horny that it was visibly oozing out of her face!

And I don’t mean she had the look of sexual desire in her eyes. This is a far cry from the stereotypical sexually aroused chick who has “Fuck me baby” written all over her face. She added that whenever women are horny and cannot get sex right away [as in her case], they get slight to moderate headaches which put them in a moodier funk. Being horny and becoming irritable with accompanying headache is a whole different ball game!

Already aware of my shtick as a Pickup-Artist instructor, she would generally confide in me of her relationship issues [cold irony that I’m breaking that code of confidentiality with y’all :)], and looks for me to give her some pointers on the male psyche. Me: “I thought I’d advised you that all men were biologically programmed to have more than 1 woman :? HB Coworker: “Thing is, when I’m on my period and around people like at work, I keep my bitchiness to myself and keep it on the down low. We only take it out on our boyfriends and kids at home.

Me: “So what gives with the moody attitude this morning”? But outside of the household; we never let moodiness from period show with strangers, even if we have to put up a cheesy smile and front for the day” 👿 . So the man at home gets the brunt of the bitchiness from your period since he’s already yours and you don’t have to create a false impression for him” ❓ ? Me: “Ok, now where does HORNY come in or tie into being mean and bitchy”?

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    “O, dagdag ninyong pulutan.”, sabay lapag ng magandang misis ni George sa isang buong inihaw na manok. Hahahaha…”, hindi makapaniwala si Mike sa tinuran ng kanyang pinagpapantasyahan.