Radioactive dating of rocks review and reinforce cena dating john maria

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There are many assumptions behind radiometric dating, but there are three main ones.Uniformitarian scientists assume (1) the initial isotope amounts are known, (2) the decay rate has remained constant at today’s rate, and (3) the sample has remained in a closed system for millions and billions of years.

The technical RATE books are not for new creationists or for someone with little background in geophysics or geochronology or nuclear physics.

The RATE team subsequently found out, by subcontracting the diffusion experiment to a secular scientist critical of creationists, that the diffusion of helium through biotite is insignificant compared to diffusion out of the zircon crystals.

So, the main variable is the zircons underwent 1.5 Ga of radioactive decay—assuming current rates!

At first, Humphreys was concerned about the diffusion rate in biotite that surrounded the relatively large zircon crystals.

Did the biotite slow helium diffusion out of zircons?

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