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To resolve the uncertainty, an adequately powered publicly-funded randomised, placebo-controlled trial run over several seasons should be undertaken." Really?

Why does the media and medical establishment often say "the science is settled" on vaccines?

In a very real sense periodic infectious challenges are Nature's immunizations, without which the very concept of vaccination would make absolutely no sense.

Equating vaccination with bona fide immunity, or calling vaccines 'immunizations,' is highly misleading, and as you can see by the Cochrane data above, not evidence-based at all.

it's as much and by watching the incredibly eye-opening NIH lecture by Dr.

Herbert Virgin below on the virome and the potentially indispensable role that viruses play in establishing the baseline genotype-phenotype relationship within the human immune system: Additionally, while there are a broad spectrum of natural substances which have been studied for their anti-influenza properties, vitamin D deserves special consideration due to the fact that it is indispensable to produce antiviral peptides (e.g.

Amazingly, vaccine researchers and manufacturers do not have to prove the antibodies actually have affinity with the antigens they are marketed to protect us against, i.e.

they do not have to prove real world "effectiveness," only a surrogate marker of "efficacy." Yet, recent research indicates in some cases no antibodies are required for immunity against some viruses, running diametrically opposed to the orthodox tenets of classical vaccinology.

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Vaccine proponents would have us believe that natural immunity is inferior to synthetic immunity, and should be replaced by the latter (see our article on the vaccine agenda: Transhumanism/Dehumanism).

In other words, it is not a lack of a vaccination that causes infection, rather, the inability of the immune system to function effectively.

[Note: In some cases, we may become infected and the ultimate outcome is that we enjoy even greater immunity.] Moreover, there is an ever-growing appreciation within the scientific community that influenza can not be defined as a completely exterior vector of morbidity and mortality, as portrayed within the mainstream, but is actually comprised of many proteins and lipids derived from the host it occupies, and may even be more accurately described as a hijacked cellular microvessicle (exosome), i.e.

In some cases they even suggest breastfeeding should be delayed during immunizations because it "interferes" with the vaccine efficacy.

This warped perspective follows from the disingenuous standard vaccine researchers use to "prove" the "efficacy" of their vaccines.

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