Samsung update plus not updating

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For the battery testing I fully charged the phone to 100%, turned brightness to maximum, and ran a two-hour film (Mad Max: Fury Road) which had already been pre-loaded onto the device.

As with the last-gen, the neat Always-On Display and adaptive brightness features remain and are very well implemented.While this doesn't reflect on the Galaxy S9 directly, indirectly the multiple variants of Samsung's flagship models share the same software packages and tend to be updated together, so it's quite likely that where the Galaxy S9 leads in terms of Oreo 8.1, the Plus model will soon follow.At the same time, reputable Chinese Twitter source Ice Universe has posted some live photos showing what appears to be an incoming new colour variant for both the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 .My one minor gripe is that I keep getting the Midnight Black colour for my review samples.I don’t have a problem with black phones per se, they are indeed necessary for business settings (or if you are one of those people who wears all black all the time - like Johnny Cash, or a Goth), but even business-centric Black Berry handsets give themselves the luxury of some contrasting silver trim and buttons.

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