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If you want to know more, have a look at the technical details in: What is Enamel or the History of Vitreous Enamel.

The Vitreous Enamel Association has a scheme for testing cleaners and cleaning cloths/scourers.

Always use a VEA approved cleaner on vitreous enamel surfaces.

These will clean your vitreous enamel product without harming it.

Those that pass the strict tests may use a recommendation seal on the pack. The object of the scheme is to identify those products that clean vitreous enamel satisfactorily without harming it.

It is the smooth, hard finish on cast iron range cookers, cooker hobs, grills and ovens.There are other cleaners on the market which may cause irretrievable damage.Do not use a product which is only approved for one use on other vitreous enamelled surfaces. Take a clean wine bottle cork and apply the Approved Vitreous Enamel Cleaner to the bit you want to clean and use the end of the cork to rub the area in a rotary motion.You can trust you’ll be treated fairly with the highest standard for quality of service and customer satisfaction.Give me a call - I look forward to answering questions about your vehicle.

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