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An undisclosed settlement had been reached plus they agreed to implement this new program to hire more men.

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It was 'he's delicious' as one of my girlfriends put it. " "Buffy is in charge – I have a basic command of the English language," I replied. " "I'm not being rude to you," the women with a Mediterranean cast to her features reposed. In case you haven't figured it out, that's a bad thing on our first day." "Am I to believe this is your first day? Buffy was a medium height brunette with long hair and a perfectly shaped oval face. There was an amusing bit of posturing about who got to drive the company car down to the Exeter. I waited a second for Buffy to say something, considering that bordered on harassment. "I don't know you, you obviously don't know me, and your assessment of my gender potential is ridiculous." "Come on, 'New Hire', you didn't even go to a real school," Fabiola spat back. Driving the car turned out to be more of a disadvantage than the gem Fab thought it would be.She was also the shortest mentor, perhaps one meter - seventy. We think you will be a perfect fit." He smiled as did Tia. Executive Services were basically gophers for the top tier of the corporation. I didn't have low standards – I was a sexual omnivore.Given the chance I'd seduce every woman I came across, though not here – not today.Given time to take in our circumstances without the distraction of being part of their little club, something occurred to me. I don't mean cultured, handsome, or attractive to the opposite sex.I meant every one of us would be hit on in a nightclub in under five minutes unless we had a significant other hanging all over us.

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