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After Woody makes several attempts on his own to escape Billings and make it to Lincoln, David agrees to take Woody to Lincoln in his Suburu.

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He sells home theaters and other consumer electronics in the local appliance store, drives a dented Suburu wagon, and has the usual dysfunctional relationship with his increasingly disconnected father.In that way, "Nebraska" is just like director Payne's other road-trip movies.But "Nebraska" is its own story with an entirely different take on these topics.After they pass the sign for South Dakota, and the bikers pass them while passing large white satellite dishes on the left side, the view is to the west.Seconds later, with the sign for the turnoff to Mt. See more » "Nebraska" stars Bruce Dern playing Woody Grant, a 77-year-old man living in Billings, Montana who believes he's won a million dollars from a publisher's sweepstakes just because he received a craftily worded sales letter from the company.

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