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And the Sacrament of Matrimony envelops this love with the grace of God, it roots it in God Himself.With this gift, with the certainty of this call, one can begin with certainty, there is no fear of anything, everything can be faced together!“Jesus didn’t save us How many times I’ve heard mothers say to me: ‘But, Father, I have a 30-year-old son who isn’t married: I don’t know what to do!He has a beautiful girlfriend, but he doesn’t decide.’ But, Madam, don’t iron his shirts anymore!” He continued with advice for dating couples, echoing the “Be not afraid” of his predecessor, Bl.John Paul II – “Don’t be afraid to take definitive steps, such as that of marriage: deepen your love, respecting the times and expressions, pray, prepare yourselves well, but then trust that the Lord doesn’t leave you alone! He will always support you.” To those who may question the sanity of committing one’s entire life to another person without fear, Pope Francis explained the foundation of his confidence: “Two Christians who marry have recognized in their history of love the call of the Lord, the vocation of two, male and female, to become only one flesh, only one life.

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A young married couple approached the Holy Father with this question: “We live in a society where well-being is at the center, to amuse oneself and think of oneself.

The Code of Canon Law says that Extraordinary Synods are called when the matter at hand requires a rapid response.

Pope Francis’ words and actions indicate an eagerness to assist married couples and families as they navigate their vocation in an increasingly challenging world.

This is only the third such synod since Pope Paul VI instituted the first in 1969 to discuss the relationship between the Holy See and episcopal conferences around the world.

Pope John Paul II convened the last Extraordinary Synod on the 20th anniversary of the Second Vatican Council in 1985.

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