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There are a handful of such MOO "core" databases which serve as foundations of code and utilities from which to start your MOO, including Lambda Core (from Lambda MOO), Minimal DB (considered the minimum necessary code and utilities to work usefully in a MOO), JHCore (from Jay's House Moo), and en Core (from Lingua MOO).Every object in the MOO is assigned a number, and may be referred to by this number, prefixed with a #, as well as its name when the user is in the object's presence.The programming language used for extension is the MOO programming language, and many MOOs feature convenient libraries of verbs that can be used by programmers in their coding known as Utilities.The MOO programming language is a domain-specific programming language.Easy to learn and fun to play (and create), you'll get the idea quickly.: Film General | Internet Films/Videos | Now Playing and Upcoming Films | Summer Movies | Box Office | Film Art and Cinematography | Film Festivals | Film History and Meaning | Video | Classic Film | Harry Potter | Star Wars | Cult Films | The Lord Of The Rings | Special and Visual Effects | James Bond: TV General | Brit Coms | Classic TV | Classic TV: The 40s | Classic TV: The 50s | Classic TV: The 60s | Classic TV: The 70s | Classic TV: The 80s | Classic TV: The 90s | Classic TV: The 00s | Crime, Police, Detective, Conspiracy | Current Shows | Cult TV | Home, Real Estate, Cooking, Decorating Shows | Soaps and Serials | Trekkers Only! MOOs are network accessible, multi-user, programmable, interactive systems well-suited to the construction of text-based adventure games, conferencing systems, and other collaborative software.Their most common use, however, is as multi-participant, low-bandwidth virtual realities.

Another network called GNA-NET, designed by Gustavo Glusman of Bio MOO connected seventeen mostly education sites.

The original MOO server was authored by Stephen White, based on his experience from creating the programmable Tiny MUCK system.

There was additional later development and maintenance from Lambda MOO founder, and former Xerox PARC employee, Pavel Curtis.

One is to refer to those programs descended from the original MOOcow server, and the other is to refer to any MUD that uses object-oriented techniques to organize its database of objects, particularly if it does so in a similar fashion to the original MOO or its derivatives.

Most of this article refers to the original MOO and its direct descendants, but see Non-Descendant MOOs for a list of MOO-like systems.

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