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We suspect that the majority of the photos and descriptions of escorts operating in Sofia are fake.

The National Center for Safe internet (Safenet) has warned Bulgarian users of the existence of a web site that collects their Skype user accounts and assumes control over them.

The creators of the site thus collect Skype accounts from the lists of misled subscribers, which they can then use for various malevolent purposes, warned the Safenet center.

after the recent improvements to Skype I would like to request an enhancement that I think is necessary: a hot key that moves the system focus to the edit area "type a message here" in Skype's chat. although my understanding is that Jamie does not disagree with the idea of adding a hot key to focus the edit area.

And recently this advertisement widget has become even more annoying - it takes even more presses of Shift TAB to get out of it and move to the chat entry edit field.

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