Singpost tracking not updating azdg dating in norway

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Right before the shipping went to hell, I ordered a bunch of random stuff...

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They just seem to be very hit or miss for a lot of people, but I've never had any issues.I went to the Sing Post website to track it but I was told: The following Item(s) is/are not found: RA*********SG (my redaction)I’ve been getting every the same result every day since then. Hi guys im in the same boat i got my tracking number on the 5th of Aug and still i cant see no info about it even till now and its the 15th i have spoke to the sender they have sent the goods out to me they have told me but singpost not updating. I sent an email to order support on Friday, letting them know the tracking number wasn’t working and asking how I could track. I’ve read that it’s taking up to two weeks to hear anything, which is very disappointing.The Canada Post tracking system doesn’t find it either. I wouldn’t be upset if I knew my package was delayed by customs, or sitting in some depot waiting to get out - I am upset that I don’t know anything and haven’t had any response to my request.The shipping confirmation email we were sent should really be updated to say it could take 3-5 days for Sing Post to populate the tracking information.I don’t think many of us would have been worried if we hadn’t been told to “allow approx 24 hours”.

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