Sirbrina dating

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Plus, Danielle adding "JK" to her comment has us thinking she knows it's all just a fun joke. But they do make a lovely bride and groom if I say so myself.And Corey opened up on the actual status of his love life to and confirmed he's not dating anyone at the moment. I’m in a relationship with my career right now, sorry," he said with a laugh.

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They're both musicians who just so happen to look super cute together, as evident in the selfie they snapped together during the Obviously their selfie game is already strong!They both took to Instagram to share black and white pics shot by Sabs' sister Sarah during their New Year hangout where they're simply goofing around with each other, looking as cute as ever."my son is getting so big he’s all embarrassed by me now," Sabrina wrote in the caption of the pic she posted.All of the crew has stayed super close and always will be, but Corbrina has given us next-level cuteness to obsess over time and time again.We've been treated to quite a few Corbrina NYE festivities the last few years.

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