Sky women dating

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Suddenly an attractive black guy walks by, but he's already taken, and adding insult to injury, his date isn't black.

Given the fact that it's 2018, this shouldn't be a big deal at all.

With so many dating apps at your fingertips, finding someone to text you back or "Netflix and chill" with should be a breeze.

And for the most part it is — unless you're a black woman.

This moment perfectly demonstrates how stereotypes and pre-conceived notions about how black women should act harm our dating lives, though the same actions garner praise when dished out by non-black women.

This also applies to our hair, our style, and our curves.

As track stars Jazz and Sky (Chloe and Halle Bailey) came to learn on dating as a black woman is easier said than done.

With plenty of articles out there about why black men don't want to date black women, or what black women are doing wrong, women like me can begin to feel like we're not good enough just as we are.With all of this being said, it's safe to say that dating for black women is a struggle and it's understandable that Jazz and Sky are frustrated.Fortunately though, after Jazz's failed date with a fellow white student, the two sisters have a heart-to-heart and remind each other that they're more than the just a series of rejections, and that the bad luck they're having now isn't a reflection of their worth.And the ignorance that comes along with it is even more jarring, especially when it's from black men, most often celebrities.For example, NBA player Gilbert Arenas found himself on the Twitter chopping block in 2017 for offensive comments he made regrading dark skinned women, saying that Lupita [Nyong'o] was "cute with the lights off," according to The problem isn't having a "preference," it's that black women are constantly put down by men like Arenas to justify these preferences.

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