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Unlike many dating sites aimed at millionaires and high-earners, Millionaire Match is about serious, committed relationships — which is why they consistently put so much effort into making their app user-friendly and rewarding.

The "Recall" feature is one of many features that put this app ahead of the pack.

Practitioners of sustainable or socially responsible investing (SRI) take note of its roots dating back more than 200 years ago to money management practices of the Methodists.

Others suggest this goes back to the ideas long championed in Sharia investing if not beyond.

To know more about Millionaire Match, please visit https://

To download the Android app, go to About Millionaire Match Millionaire Match is the leading millionaire dating app.

It not only helps protect their privacy, it guarantees that they feel safe and at ease while using the app.

Committed To Privacy The feature was developed from analyzing user behavior and needs — as well as the current digital climate.

Dissatisfaction among students and other young people led to protests against the Vietnam War and the boycott of companies that provide weapons used in the war.

But we all know that not every conversation on a dating app works that way.

That's why Millionaire Match has introduced the original "Recall" feature, allowing members to recall messages, photos, even entire conversations.

"At the moment, there's a lot of talk about privacy and data issues," Millioniare Match's spokesperson explained.

"We're seeing problems with social media, with businesses — with just about everything.

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