Sooyoung snsd dating

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It recently was 100% confirmed they are dating and SM Entertainment now says they developed feelings from that “brother-sister” relationship. I know they mean the two were close and developed feelings to get closer, but most people generally take the “brother-sister” relationship angle as being “friendzoned”, since brothers and sisters generally stay just friends.Anyway, the next SNSD member with a confirmed relationship is Yoona and the boyfriend should not come as a surprise to anyone who payed attention to her variety appearances.I remember getting into trouble a while back for talking about a female celebrity that was rumored to be getting haughty or “full of herself” and the end of the reporter’s word sounded like “-zy”.

This does depend on which celebrity the regular person is dating though.That boyfriend is none other than Lee Seung Gi and I must repeat that throwing your computer across the room is not advised. So it finally happened” moment because of how obvious the feelings were between them.[Photo Credit:] Link: This relationship reveal was less of a “Omona! Okay, so it was obvious to those who payed attention and looked for it.It seems actors/actresses dating idols is not uncommon and many celebrities will find dating another celebrity to be easier because that other celebrity is likely to understand their busy schedule more than a regular person with more time to commit to the relationship.[Photo Credit:] Link: They say you can’t fool a woman’s intuition, which has proven to be true many times in the history of man (usually the history of a man in trouble, i.e. It was a magazine called that busted Jung Kyung Ho on trying to convince everyone he was dating a non-celebrity and they even knew it was Sooyoung (scary, huh? The magazine used the logic that they went to the same church and were alums of the same university, which was supported by overseas dates being brought up.

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