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“The public is worried about what’s going to happen,” Adam said.

Amid the uncertainty surrounding healthcare changes, Adam and Rory do not see their roles altering rapidly but welcome the opportunity to learn new skills.

A van will last about three years before it is replaced.

En-route, they were redirected to a ‘coverpoint’ towards Aldershot, where crews wait for incidents in busy periods. Adam and Rory then helped a multiple sclerosis patient with a dislocated jaw. This was cancelled when another paramedic dealt with it. Not only that, but the couple in question were looking at a house virtually opposite our road. He is serious, kind, eager to please, anxious: when you see his ghastly mother from Godalming (Jacqueline King), you know he has plenty to be anxious about.” "Great excitement last night! We switched on "Location, Location, Location" on TV (not something we watch often, but it just happened to be on) and there was Godalming - in the screen-flesh!

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