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Mount Ararat holds the same name as the mountains described in the Bible and is generally considered to be the location of the ark.

The snow-capped Mount Ararat is the tallest peak in Turkey at 16,854 ft.

In early centuries BC, the Syrians believed that the ark landed at Mount Judi.

Early Christian and Islamic tradition calls Mount Judi the ‘Place of Descent.’ Josephus said that the ark’s remains were shown at the ‘place of descent’ by Armenians in the first century, 60 miles southeast of Mount Ararat.

How did Noah survive the biblical storm (outside of an act of God)?

He needed quite the ship to survive a storm so massive that it wiped out the world while also protecting himself and a zoo’s worth of animals.

The story of a global flood which destroys everyone does not come up until the Old Babylonian period (20-16 centuries BC).

In addition to the lack of evidence in the soil, scientists question the flood myth due to DNA evidence.

The two stories are told nearly “point by point and in the same order.” Regardless of the scientific question marks about the story’s accuracy, the story of Noah is one of the notorious tales from the Bible.

Armenians associated Noah’s ark with Mount Judi till the 11th century.

, “In the heart of the Armenian mountain range, the mountain’s peak is shaped like a cube (or cup), on which Noah’s ark is said to have rested, whence it is called the Mountain of Noah’s Ark.

It has received plenty of criticism for breaking the ‘separation between church and state’ for the tax incentives it receives.

While most historians agree on the general location of the ark, early Syrian tradition differs from the stories told by Josephus.

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