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As a result, they are able to achieve socioeconomic mobility and success faster than other groups.Sociological research has also found that the strength of the child's relationship with his/her parents, along with the level of his/her attachment to the ethnic community also play important roles in determining ethnic identity among second generation Asian Americans.One common example is the ethnic identity of Japanese American after World War II.

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Among the most famous conceptions of assimilation is the distinction between behavioral assimilation (otherwise known as "acculturation") and structural or socioeconomic assimilation.Behavioral assimilation/acculturation occurs when a newcomer absorbs the cultural norms, values, beliefs, and behavior patterns of the "host" society.This may also involve learning English and/or becoming an American citizen.In this situation, groups who are in similar economic situations are likely to be antagonistic toward each other because they're competing for the same jobs and social/economic resources.The final reason why some immigrants assimilate faster than others is because of class differences.

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