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She is using the e-mail address of [email protected] professes to be a dentist in Ternopil as is her father.It only took 5 e-mails for the "money" letter to arrive.I'm not sure is it interesting for you everything I'm writing.As for me, I'm really interesting in everything about you, your nationality and your country. Please continue to write me often, because I became addicted to your letters! I am very well-balanced realistic and open-minded sign.Because after my graduation in Kiev I had to work in public healthcare system for three years.I wasn't free with my choice of working place - the state planned to send me to one village in Poltava oblast.So she got this job thanks her talents to foreign languages. But English I studied during my secondary and university education - other languages I learned "in the streets" and can speak them since my childhood. She is married and lives in Lutsk with her husband.Sometimes she is even able to visit other countries on hotel business exchange basis. Both of them are scientists and work at the Volyn State University (faculty of History and Etnography). As for me, I was never married and I don't have any children.

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I have my own PC but there is no phone at our flat.These data are: NADRA BANK MEDOVA, 2 TERNOPIL, 46000 My postal address is: Angelika Filippova O. The real triggers to my concerns were the following, which may be of interest to your readers: 2) Her desire to be in the US within a week to meet someone she's corresponded with only 5 times or so. Greetings & success with your site In just 3 weeks, this "lady" who contacted me from com, has just asked for US $ 400 for a visa.Regardless of her intelligence, she insults mine to think I would send that sum of money to an unknown person. I add the complete messages because I'm sure that she is going to use the same next time she tries to scam someone. I'm a person who likes to be hand in hand with somebody and to be always by his side. I'm fond of quiet evenings at home, walks in the park in the moonlight and trips to the lake for the weekend or just for an evening or just to sit together in a cosy cafe.Here are the texts of her letters to me in succession as I received them: Hello dear Dave, I am glad to hear from you again.Today I was thinking a lot about our acquaintance and I came to idea that the Internet is great - it helps people to find brother's soul even so far away - on different corner of the worrld!

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