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As a private company, Backpage operates freely in a digital black market for sex, a situation that was chronicled in the "I Am Jane Doe" documentary released last year.The company isn't required to disclose the names of its advertisers.A disclaimer on the dating section of Backpage warns that its sexual content is limited to those ages 18 or older.

"It's common knowledge." As many as 300,000 children are at risk for sexual exploitation each year in the United States, according to Justice Department estimates.

"We don't have the legal authority" to dissolve the company, Bullock said this week.

"I wish we did." Denn's hands similarly are tied because Backpage doesn't have a physical presence in the First State and courts have consistently ruled that federal law protects Backpage and other websites against civil or criminal sanctions stemming from the content of their users' posts, a Department of Justice spokesman said. John Mc Cain, for making it "easier to buy a child" than a sofa or a motorcycle, has thrived in prostitution hubs along I-95.

Because of that enforcement void, a site lambasted by child advocate Cindy Mc Cain, the wife of U. STORY: Child abuse fighters can go full strength thanks to more money STORY: A generation heals from Earl Bradley Two weeks ago, a multi-agency law enforcement operation in Delaware named Backpage as the primary mode of communication for initiating and arranging sexual encounters during a two-day crackdown on prostitution across New Castle County that produced more than 40 arrests.

Eight of the 11 men charged with patronizing a prostitute were from Delaware.

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