Updating bios is required to unleash its full power

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Lands to cover: I too took a look at the data sheets and I was interested because E/F1 show as VSS on lga771, and E30 is reserved F30 is VTT.

So here's the simple mod I'm suggesting: Cut out some tiny pieces of scotch tape and Cover lands Y1 AH7, and AJ7.Everything seems to work fine, but i get this annoying message on start : update bios to unleash CPU full potential. BIOS and windows sees everything about CPU but I'm getting really annoyed by this 10 second BIOS warning on start.I guess i have to update microcode, but I don't know how.This is what Intel has to say about the "reserved" lands.Here's what Intel has to say on FC0/BOOT SELECT: And get this, I cant find this function anywhere on the socket 771 datasheet. They are both "reserved" on a socket 771 CPU, but on a socket 775 CPU they are Vss. It's possible it could be only a problem on X series chipsets, or maybe not a problem at all.

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