Vba excel status bar not updating

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Most of the time the latter doesn’t matter, since you do not update the screen anyway during the execution of your code.

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Even before I started to develop the speed comparison tool for the progress indicators described above, I had some expectations (or maybe gut feeling) of how the results would probably look like: Well, it turned out that some my assumptions were correct, but there were also some surprises I didn’t expect.

Today’s article presents a selection of examples for each of these approaches, discusses their pros and cons and compares the techniques regarding the additional runtime to show the progress indicator.

As always, the post comes with a link to the used Progress Indicators Speed Comparison Tool for free download.

I've seen this several times in code I write: when I have counters/text that update the statusbar frequently sometimes the statusbar refresh just stops while the problem continues.

Guess that has to do with intensive calculations and/or other things going on on my PC.

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