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There is another thread on it here:/forum-replies.cfm? You could try PMing some of the guys at the beginning of that thread to see how their Soniq is lasting.

Also DSE were doing a 32" for 9 on special recently.

Sony, Samsung, Toyota, all leading brands of reliability have had their issues too.

Since we have strong consumer protection laws here in Aus I wouldn't be scared off by any of those stories.

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I've noticed that JB Hi-Fi currently have a 32" Soniq TV on sale for 9 and that just sounds too good to be true.Playing 720 movie files on my current 32" looks immaculate either way.And the damn thing is still kicking (used daily for almost 7 years) . I think we bought ours 5-6 years ago, 40" Soniq HD LCD (but we got it slightly cheaper since it was later than you) and even survived a move from Canberra to Perth. Admittedly I was a bit reluctant on getting it – but since it was so cheap compared to others, I decided it was worth the risk. the Aldi 42" however I am regretting buying for 9 just after 2 months(starting to watch enough TV/movies & use the PVR) I bought one (L32V12B) about three weeks ago. The picture looks good and the sound seems fine to me but I am not watching symphony concerts on it.It is still as perfect as you could expect a Soniq plasma TV to be. I also have a 32" LCD which is the one the OP posted about Soniq L32V12AThe sound absolutely sucks on it but apart from that it is pretty good really.These days it serves as a surface for a 3 year old to wipe the dried pear on his hands on and is relegated to Thomas The Tank Engine. The 9 32" Soniq isn't full HD – it only does a resolution of 1366x768.

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