Who is gia carangi dating

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She never thought that she would make it so far so fast in the porn business, but in the porn industry, if you're willing to try anything, you become a hot commodity and Gia Paloma is proof of that fact.

Her breakout performance was in the movie "The Violation of Gia Paloma" for JM Productions showcasing her versatility as hardcore pornstar.

Paloma thrives on trying new, nasty and over the top XXX activities. However, she said in an interview once that Dick Delaware is still the only costar who has enabled her to cum while getting her ass fucked on camera.

She also worked at a Starbucks coffee shop during the day, before becoming known in the porn industry as one of the most hardcore female performers.

Gia Paloma entered the porn industry in 2003 after breaking up with the man she was dating.

Gia stood out from other models not only because of her beauty; which was considered "exotic" during a time when blond-haired, blue-eyed girls were in vogue; but because she wasn't scared of taking risks.

Her star-turning moment came in 1978 when she went nude for photographer Chris von Wangenheim, who directed her to pose behind a chain-link face.

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