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In 1804, Napoleon arranged for the public regulation of the Protestant communities and then decided that the State would assume the responsibility for the salaries of their pastors.Now, how did Napoleon's involvement with the Jews come about? When Napoleon occupied Ancona, a strange thing happened.The National Convention closed the synagogues, forbid the use of the Hebrew language and in general made their lives difficult.Under the Directory, the synagogues were open again and Jews got involved in business and in political life. Before Napoleon took over the leadership of the French government, the political situation of the Jews was precarious, unstable, and had to submit to negative laws, and according to specific regions of France, they were some times treated in a liberal manner and some times in a tyrannical manner.

When the French troops were in Palestine, and besieging the city of Acre, Napoleon had already prepared a Proclamation (see Appendix) making Palestine an independent Jewish state.

When Napoleon came to power, he did not liberate the Jews for political reasons because there were not much more than 40,000 in all of France, who were living in various provinces.

The province where Jews were most persecuted was Alsace, where half of the Jewish population of France was living. They were excluded from doing business, excluded from government positions and from the purchase of property.

As an added benefit, I thought that this would bring to France many riches because the Jews are numerous and they would come in large numbers to our country where they would enjoy more privileges than in any other nation.

Without the events of 1814, most of the Jews of Europe would have come to France where equality, fraternity and liberty awaited them and where they can serve the country like everyone else." During the different periods of Napoleon's career, his sympathy for the Jews was clearly noted.

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